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Life coaching

Private Medical Care

Carmen Roberts Counselling

Carmen Roberts aims to walk in your shoes, at your pace, and stay on your side - with the added value of
seeing your life from a different perspective and helping you to achieve a new and positive outlook.

Workplace Wellbeing

Kiki Kirby Coaching

Create a new relationship with yourself, re-align with your calling and fall back in love with your life with Kiki Kirby Coaching, a heart-centered business and life coach.


Sarah J Snape

Sarah Snape is a life coach passionate about self-love and self-acceptance. Sarah works with mid-life women to help transform your mindset and relationship with yourself. She is passionate about helping you to find freedom and confidence whilst learning to love and value yourself – your whole self.


365 Pearls of Wisdom

365 Pearls of Wisdom is a Wellbeing and Lifestyle blog focusing in on the self development journey of women, teaching them to become the expert on their own personal wellbeing.


VTT Coaching

Victoria Tudor Thomas is a highly experienced lifestyle and career coach specialising in transitions and empowering you to live your life on purpose.